LSU calls agriculture the backbone of our Louisiana economy. All across the state, our communities depend on farming for their daily livelihood. In order to continue to grow our local and state economies, diversity is key. One of the best ways we can diversify and grow our business is through the production of Industrial Hemp.

“I have been monitoring this position for years, and with the passage of the latest Federal Farm Bill signed by Trump along with imminent State Legislation, I will be poised to fully invest in this burgeoning technology. From seed to product, under my leadership, Louisiana will be in the forefront of this exploding new crop and the ancillary businesses that it creates.”

Hemp is grown specifically for industrial use for the creation of building materials, automotive parts, biodegradable plastics, textiles, paper and CBD oil for medical treatments. Louisiana’s low altitude along with its wet and hot climate provide ideal conditions for growing hemp. According to media reports, some experts forecast the hemp business could top $20 billion by 2022. Louisiana is in a prime position to satisfy the growing demand for hemp products throughout the country and the world.